Management Team

Strong lineup of the management team
Foresightedness and professionalism are the cornerstone of a company’s success, and profound understanding and belief in Regulatory Technology , business intelligence and data warehouse are key to seizing early business opportunities and innovations. MetaEdge Corporation is highly knowledgeable and experienced in such fields, and aims to run its business with professionalism, expertise, responsibility, integrity and customer orientation. Let MetaEdge Corporation be your ideal choice for solutions in Regulatory Technology and business intelligence in Greater China.
Chairman of the Board - Todd Lin
Chairman Lin founded Provision Information Co., Ltd. in Year 2000. Thanks to his brilliant talents in research & development related strategic planning, integration of marketing teams and service resources, coupled with his insight into market trends, he successfully led the managerial teams to launch Pro FEP Platform and fusion machines.  Further in 2014, he invested in FINANCIAL eSOLUTION CO., LTD.  enabling Provision Information Co., Ltd. to take the lead in financial payment and HSM. Metaedge Corporation virtually takes the lead in solution to the law compliance technology, Business Intelligence,(BI) and Data Warehouse,(DW).  In January 2017, ProvisionInformation Co., Ltd. invested in Metaedge Corporation where Todd Lin serves as the Chairman of the Board, taking advantage of his brilliant talents in terms of planning and integration.  As a result of the concerted efforts of the professional management team headed by Todd Lin, Metaedge Corporation is firmly believed to further scale upward toward new heights in the days and years ahead.
General Manager Hsiuling Young
Hsiuling Young used to serve with UNISYS TAIWAN in charge of development of lots of real-time Online Operating Systems, bank-wide Accounting Systems, Decision Support System (DSS) as well as Management Information Systems (MIS) until she joined the management team of Metaedge Corporation in 2002.  Thanks to her abundant hands-on experiences accumulated in project management and expertise in financial products, she, as always, lives up to the utmost satisfaction to customers.  She was promoted to the post of General Manager in June 2015.  Under her leadership, she will serve customers with further upgraded quality and guide the Company into more professional development.
Vice General Manager of the Business Department Joe Hwang.
Until he joined the management team of Metaedge Corporation in 2019, Joe Hwang had dedicated himself to the information industry for more than two decades, notably in such renowned giants including IBM, HP and Microsoft.  In recent years, he has held management positions in the capacity of professional manager, including notably Deputy General Manager of e-commerce solutions in Greater Region of China; Superintendent of Cloud Communications Platform for Asia-Pacific Region as well as Assistant President for Global Business of AI Vision Department. He has accumulated affluent hands-on experiences inmarketing of information software, hardware, services, cloud, AI as well as marketing management.  In most recent years, he has primarily focused on solutions to sales programs as his mainstay.  His professional services coupled with profound expertise in the industries are the prime elements to assure his brilliant success in sales performance in the professions.
Vice General Manager of the R&D Department –Henry Chang
Over 20 years of experience in the IT department of the banking sector, including Far Eastern International Bank, Taishin International Bank and KGI Bank, with extensive experience in IT system project implementation, maintenance and operation, which comprise performance management, digital finance, data warehouse and IT infrastructure. After joining MetaEdge, his wealth of financial knowhow and IT expertise have enabled him to give professional advice and comprehensive architectural planning, providing clients with the most complete and satisfactory service.