Report Management System

Report Management System MetaOR

Centralized report management system, use web interface to unify the reports produced by each system, achieve the centralization of reports, effectively reduce time for users to switch systems, greatly improve the work efficiency of personnel, integrate the automatic monitoring system, and import the report produced by the third party system immediately to achieve the efficient goal of automatic management.

Centralized management and control of reports: Consolidate the reports produced by various internal reporting systems to achieve single reporting platform management, support various online real-time query reports, and effectively provide customers with the efficiency of obtaining reports.
Report grouping: tab-style paging, grouping reports according to usage habits, improving report search more efficiency
Click-through rate analysis: Quickly analyze the usage frequency of each report to improve machine usage efficiency
Online sign-off: Support multi-level, counter-signature and other online sign-off operations.
Feature of Product
Through the automatic monitoring of the system, the report data completed by the third-party production system can be captured in real time, and the report query platform can be unified to provide a single entry to find the required reports. Various reports produced by the new system can be imported.
About Integration of heterogeneous reporting tools. In addition to batch-based reports, online real-time query reports can also be integrated into various online query tools through the platform's built-in function. Effectively consolidate different reporting tools in the company and improve the high availability of various reporting tools.

System Service Process