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Meta Financial Technology MetaFiT

Do you often suffer corrections and punishments from the supervisory authority, and cause many troubles to the person in charge, supervisor, general manager and chairman of the financial institution in charge of the reporting unit?
MetaEdge has deep practical experience and professional domain knowledge, and has developed a set of solutions that can solve these financial supervisory reporting and accounting statement problems - Financial Supervision Regulatory Reporting Platform (MetaFiT).


Smart data integration: automatically interface with business data sources to ensure the consistency, correctness and integrity of supervisory data.
Active inspection: check the mutual check between self-table and cross-table, which greatly reduces the error rate of declaration.
Real-time monitoring: automatic tracking and notification of reporting progress.
Automatic reporting: API automatic interface function, easy to complete the declaration with one-click.
Risk detection: In order to cooperate with the competent authorities to detect major risks, actively identify the differences before and after the increase or decrease of the declaration data.
Fully automatic process output: more than 300 regulatory reports, communication across more than 20+ units, at least 10 days a month to process reporting data, and automatic scheduling to save manual work time.
Product features: Gather regulatory reports of supervisory agencies, integrate data sources scattered in various systems, and realize automated reporting and supervisory technology.
Important Function/Modules
Production module: report production, table generation, adjustment and upload, blood relations analysis, detailed information.
Check module: self-check, cross check, account reconcile, reasonableness of supervisory data.
Management module: supervisory calendar, audit management, notification function.
Security control module: trail query, permission control.
Basic functions: document management, personnel organization management.