Anti Money Laundering System

Anti Money Laundering System MetaAML

Integrate "Name Check", "Customer Due Diligence" and "Transaction Detection" on the same platform, and use the same "Online Case Management Module" to effectively integrate AML system data and achieve cross-check related CDD/KYC in a single verification system and other supervision information to achieve the best AML benefits.
Name check: The blacklist is consolidated, and one scan includes all the list information, and there is no need to scan different list information in batches.
The search efficiency of Chinese transliteration, word swap and fuzzy comparison is improved.
Customer due diligence: systematic investigation operations, effective control of regular review operations, risk factor definitions, and related value ranges/scores can be adjusted at any time.
Transaction detection: According to transaction detection requirements, real-time monitoring of suspicious transactions allows customers to adjust various transaction monitoring thresholds in real time.

Feature of Product
(1) List checking and scanning module (MetaAML / Module WLF):
●Provides an online list comparison scanning module (generally referring to web interface and software engine) for users to quickly check whether there is a blacklist or a list of suspected hits.
●Provides API for instant verification by other business system calls.
●Provide "fuzzy matching", "support simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English checking", "word misplacement matching", "intelligent matching of English names" and other English intelligent matching.
●The system provides electronic case review function.
(2) Customer Due Diligence Module (MetaAML / Module CDD):
●Provide multiple risk rating items, and can cross-combine more diversified risk weight scores.
●Establish an independent risk rating model in multiple scenarios.
●Provide a regular review mechanism, and automatically calculate the date of the next regular customer review date according to different definitions.
● Provide Customer due diligence case management function to strengthen due diligence work for high-risk customers.
●Provide a mechanism for re-examining customer risks for specific objects.
(3) Transaction detection and reporting module (MetaAML / Module SAR):
●Provide multi-industry expert transaction monitoring data supermarket for related transaction monitoring .
●The threshold value of transaction detection can be adjusted on the system, and it will be effective immediately .
●Detect whether the transaction behavior is suspicious, and pop out a warning window to inform the unit to investigate .
●Provide the declaration SAR format defined by the Investigation Bureau of the Legal Affairs Department for data conversion .
(4) Case Management Module (MetaAML / Module MECM):
●Background management module (BM), which can be used by information management personnel to carry out platform security control operations .
●Case review function, display corresponding information according todifferent modules, and complete the case review process in same interface.
●Case transfer function, provide quick transfer authority of case review.
●Case process history track and query function, keep the complete case process review track .
●Reminding mechanism of case expiry or case overdue.

System Structure