Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse DW

To be successful in data warehouse, it is necessary to know the needs of various industries, the key points of system design, and to accurately grasp the construction schedule of warehouse applications, and then integrate technical consultants of various industries to design a complete process and structure; To create the enterprise's demand for information is the service concept upheld by MetaEdge. During the project implementation, the technical consultant will communicate with the client in stages and make adjustments according to the actual needs of the enterprise and the data situation.
Through the establishment of data warehouse, using reports, dashboards and analytical tools to capture in-depth insights from data, monitor business performance and support decision-making, and quickly deliver real-time analysis data to enterprises, it will be the key for enterprises to compete, grow, and profitmaximum power.

Product Features
Data Warehouse Management Platform: Include data management、Profile Analysis、Database access control…etc.
Data Warehouse and Data Supermarket: A number of senior consultants have 8-20 years of project construction experience and are familiar with professional knowledge in the financial industry. From data import and design, it is in line with the data storage model of the enterprise organization, and then according to specific data analysis issues, the theme data supermarket is compiled to help customers create value.
Business Intelligence Report: Convert the data into valuable information, and make the data easy to understand, analyze, and identify trends through the display of visual graphics, colors, sizes, and trends, helping users make more informed and faster decisions.
Data Processing Work: Including parameterized settings, automatic startup, parallel processing, viewing processing job status, exception notification, data source integrity checking, restarting at failure points…etc, it fully meets the needs of data warehouse and monitoring and management of large amounts of data.