MetaFatcaCRS MetaFatca/CRS

In response to the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and financial institutions' implementation of the Common Reporting Standard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information in Tax Matters (CRS) reporting operations required by Taiwan's financial institutions, JZ Technology has specially launched a successfully developed and used by banks. , The FATCA/CRS declaration module package product that can be installed online immediately, this package product can easily assist Taiwan financial institutions to solve this complex and difficult FATCA/CRS declaration problem!

Automatic integration: automatic production table function of fact base table.
Modular function: Setting the signature and encryption by self.
Low-cost installation: PC can execute and the system of hardware and software are simple requirement.
Retention of audit trails: Encrypt the signature and seal, and at the same time generate a report for the retention of declaration materials for future verification.

Feature of Product
 ● Planning the fact base table format for declaration data, after the user provides information according to the file format, the system automatically generates declaration XML.
 ● The function is modular, and users can sign and encrypt by themselves.
 ● Generate the declaration data and keep the report for auditing basis in future.
 ● PC can be executed and the system of hardware and software are simple requirement.

Reporting module functionality

1. Automatic numbering of reporting data
      A. MessageSpec MessageRefId auto number.
      B. ReportingFI DocRefId auto number.
      C. ReportingGroup DocRefID auto number.
2. Declaration data and keep report
     A. U.S. account held by a specified U.S. Person.
     B. Substantial U.S. owner of a passive NFFE.
     C. Specified U.S. person owning certain equity or debit interests in a ODFFI for which you act as a designated withholding agent.
     D. Pooled Reporting for recalcitrant account holders or nonparticipating FFIs.
3. Generate declaration file and data signature encryption
     A. Metadata
     B. 8966 data